We've been told for years that  free trade is good for  America.  This book ex-
plains,  in terms the average concerned citizen can understand, why  it  isn't .
No nation, including the U.S., ever got rich practicing free trade, cutting-edge
economics increasingly understands why, and these insights will reshape pol-
icy in the years to come.  This is a book for both liberals and conservatives, but
it's also a book both the Democratic and Republican leaderships don't want people to read.
"Fletcher has written a powerful and refreshing critique of some cherished assumptions held by mainstream economists.  It is uniformly insightful, often brilliant, and
remarkably readable.  Obama’s team should read it – and soon."
Prof. George C. Lodge, Harvard Business School.

"The only way to save our economy is with trade and industrial policies designed to correct the defects of free trade. Ian Fletcher's Free Trade Doesn't Work is the
best guide to develop such policies"
— Sen. Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, U.S. Senator (D-SC) 1966-2005.

"Some book reviews write themselves, because the book is so clear and articulate and easily read, and the information in it so straightforward, that all the reviewer
needs to do is lay it out."
Thom Hartmann, liberal TV talk-show host.

"Fletcher knows his stuff; but he can write, too, and does a great job of explaining the proposition in his title.  For sure, nearly all economic theoreticians favor
absolute free trade. His book persuades me they are wrong. Check it out."
John Derbyshire, conservative commentator, National Review.